myAgency Cloud: The Complete Cloud Solution for Today's Independent Insurance Agency

myAGENCYcloud by SMART Services logosmEverything you need to run your agency IT!

As an independent agent, you make sure your clients are protected with the best, most complete coverage. So do we. myAGENCYcloud integrates, updates, and monitors all your agency IT, so you can focus on customers and new sales.

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myAGENCYcloud: The Comprehensive IT Solution for Your Agency

Cloud Gears and PeoplemyAGENCYcloud includes everything from virtual windows 64bit computers, thin clients, 24/7 support, servers, dedicated exchange server, Microsoft licensing, anti-virus, LAN equipment, security, productivity software and quite a bit more

SMART Services will deploy, manage, and fully support your agency's network infrastructure in our secure, and redundant data centers. We provide service and support for your network in the cloud, on the ground and in-between.We also supply and provide your agency with a host of productivity applications, which boosts collaboration in your agency, and a whole lot more tools to help your agency sell more insurance. 

myAGENCYcloud is the only complete solution for your agency

Not all cloud services providers are the same. When seeking the best solution for your agency, ask yourself if the company you are considering:

  • Understands that your agency’s IT needs go beyond the cloud by providing a proven and complete solution, one that will also support and monitor your on-the-ground networking infrastructure?
  • Includes cyber liability in their agreement?
  • Offers a cloud solution that will work with more than two monitors per station/desktop?
  • Protects your agency’s data by offering redundant cloud backups and reverse backups to your agency?
  • Has 25 years of expertise helping and advising hundreds of independent agencies on their I.T. needs?
  • Provides on-site service and support to your agency?
  • Offers 24/7 agency support (including HelpDesk!) that is 100 percent U.S.-based?
  • Has financially supported your local and national agents associations, and user groups for decades?

Asking these questions will help you understand why SMART Services’ myAGENCYcloudis the best choice for your agency. We are passionate about agency technology, putting your needs first, and are willing to do what it takes to ensure your technology makes your business better. Call us at 586.258.0650 for a consultation and a no-obligation quote.

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