Webinar: Improving Your Agency Meetings With Microsoft OneNote


PC World calls OneNote "the best Microsoft program you’re probably not using." If you’ve ignored that purple icon with the large "N" on your desktop because you don't want to learn another software program, then it's time to reconsider. OneNote is designed to help you improve your note taking, meetings, and collaboration.

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Webinar: 25 Productivity and Performance Tips in 25 Minutes

25 tips2

Fall is a great time for learning new ways for improving productivity and performance to help you finish the year strong. Whether it is a timesaving tip in Windows, a shortcut in Office, or a way to extend the battery life on your smartphone, you are sure to gather several practical takeaways from this fast-paced session.



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Webinar: What Agencies Should Know About Achiving, Backups, and Disaster Recovery

Agency backups, archiving, and disaster recovery tools are constantly evolving, posing new choices and questions for your agency.  For example:
-- Should you back up your data to the cloud?
-- What are the major differences between backing up and archiving your emails?
-- Given recent improvements in technology, how long should it take your agency to get back up after a disaster?



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Webinar: Timesaving Tips and Tricks in Outlook

webinar Timesaving tips

We've all been there. While working in Outlook, someone looking over our shoulder says, "Why don't you just use such-and-such shortcut?" We thank them, realizing we could have saved a lot of time had we known about this tip years ago.

Bryant Caudill, lead project manager for SMART Services, taught this informative and helpful 30-minute webinar on June 22, 2016. He covered: (1) timesaving shortcuts in Outlook; (2) collaboration tips in Outlook you should know about; and (3) helpful new features in recent versions of Outlook.

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