Desktop Virtualization is a Viable Solution for Your Networking Needs

b2ap3_thumbnail_thin_clients_save_money_400.jpgIs your business taking advantage of desktop virtualization? It's a great money-saving solution that allows you to host a desktop environment from your server so that it can be accessed remotely on a terminal or device via your network. Businesses wanting to control their data while enjoying the conveniences of the cloud will get the most from desktop virtualization.

You may not have heard much about desktop virtualization due to cloud computing being the darling of the IT world and hogging up all the attention, but you can essentially do the same things with desktop virtualization that you can do with cloud computing. The major difference between the two platforms is that cloud computing primarily uses the web to access applications, and desktop virtualization allows users to access entire desktops over a company's own network, whether you host your network or not.

If you've got the IT infrastructure in place to handle desktop virtualization, then you may enjoy it more than cloud computing because of the control that you will have over your data. With cloud computing, you're basically entrusting your company's sensitive information to a third party. While cloud computing companies have strong security and privacy policies in place, there are several old-school business owners that equate control with security and will therefore prefer options like on-premise desktop virtualization for their remote computing needs.

One of the reasons that cloud computing may be more popular than on-premise desktop virtualization is that on-premise desktop virtualization is more expensive to set up. If you're a growing business and you're looking to expand your company's computing capabilities, then it may be more economical for you to sign up for a cloud computing solution rather than purchasing new equipment to expand your IT infrastructure and take on the responsibility of finding a solution to manage it. This is due in part because cloud services are becoming more affordable as cloud technology continues to improve and more cloud computing companies compete for your business.

Despite higher setup costs from having to purchase hosting machines like servers, desktop virtualization is still a great money-saving option for your business. The way that desktop virtualization is able to save you money is by allowing you to purchase a fleet of stripped down terminal computers for your employee's workstations. With desktop virtualization, you're essentially transferring the computing workload to a powerful server. When it comes to having to purchase workstations for your business, you will really start to see the savings add up for every stripped-down terminal that you utilize.

It's also the case that implementing desktop virtualization for your business can be a rather involved IT practice requiring some changes to the operations of your desktop systems and applications. This may deter a business lacking technical networking knowledge from choosing to set up their own virtualized environment on site, especially when cloud computing markets itself as an easy service that you can sign up for and have another company handle the setup and hosting for you. However, if desktop virtualization is the better money-saving option for your business, then you don't want to miss out on it because of the complexity of your back end system. SMART Services would be happy to set up desktop virtualization for your business so that you don't have to reconfigure your system's back end and risk messing up your network.

To learn more about how desktop virtualization can benefit your business, and to find out what it takes to setup desktop virtualization for your company, give SMART Services a call at 586 258-0650 . We can explain the differences between desktop virtualization and cloud computing, and we can work with you to determine which platform is right your organization's remote computing needs. Call us today; we can make your technology work for you!

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Saturday, December 14 2019
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