Enjoy the Party – Let the Hosts Do the Hard Work for You!

b2ap3_thumbnail_cloud_maintenance_400.jpgHosting the party isn't for everyone; it's a matter of space, cost, and responsibility. You could be the life of the party, but nobody would know because you're so busy making sure that everything is set and ready to rumble. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just hire someone to take care of all the little details for you, so you could enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Well, now you can. With SMART Services's managed server hosting, you get to push all of the details onto someone else and concentrate on what's really important for your business – your clients. With managed server hosting from SMART Services, you'll never have to worry about taking care of your own server ever again. You'll find that having a dedicated server hosting your data is ideal for your business needs.

Be Flexible
You never know how crazy a party can get. You might plan to have a couple of friends over for board games and milkshakes, and before you know it, your house is packed and you're out of milkshakes. Bandwidth might seem like something you can control, but it can fluctuate greatly depending on your local Internet Service Provider (ISP), consumer patterns, and other random things that you have no control over. Instead of worrying about it, let SMART Services handle it. Before we host your data we will assess your Internet connection to find out if your company has the bandwidth it takes to meet your data hosting needs. This could mean upgrading your networking equipment like your wireless router, or we can help you find a different ISP plan that will be able to better meet your needs. No need to hire a new staff member dedicated to solving bandwidth issues and making milkshakes!

Equipment is Expensive
Having new technology means regular upgrading of equipment and hardware, and if you're operating your own server, these constant upgrades can leave you with a big gaping hole in your wallet. Rather than continuously upgrading yourself, let your server host do the upgrading for you. Letting SMART Services use our resources to upgrade the server space you're using is much more cost efficient, as new gear can add up faster than you would expect and quickly break your budget. As a bonus, by passing on the upgrading expense to SMART Services, you're freeing up capital because taking care of this need is now an operating expense instead of a capital expense.

You're Never Alone
When we host your data on our server, you don't have to worry about resolving pesky server problems. SMART Services has your back. Forget having to spend your time monitoring servers, fixing hardware failures or problems in the network; that's on us. You can rest easy knowing that your hosted data is backed up and nothing will happen to it on our watch.

You're Safe with Us
SMART Services also handles the security of your hosted data. We use enterprise-level firewalls, remote monitoring software, and a team of professional IT technicians on call to protect your data from any malicious Internet presence. We make sure that your data is as difficult for hackers to access as possible.

The benefits of letting us host your data outweigh the costs. At SMART Services, we're the hostess with the most-est so that you don't have to be! Call us today at 586 258-0650 and let us take care of your company's data hosting needs.

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Saturday, September 18 2021
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