The Flexibility of VoIP Can Help a Small Business

The Flexibility of VoIP Can Help a Small Business

Flexibility is often cited as one of the major reasons to consider a VoIP solution, but what exactly does this mean for small and medium-sized businesses? We’ll explore some of the major benefits that stem from the flexibility of VoIP, as well as how your business can better leverage it for your business’s future.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses your Internet connection to send your voice to the recipient rather than the traditional telephone line. As you can imagine, this adds a certain element of flexibility in and of itself, but there are many more reasons why this flexibility is important for a business. Here are three of them.

VoIP Helps Your Business Grow
As your business grows, so can your VoIP solution. When you set up your VoIP infrastructure, you’ll have a specific number of users and devices to consider at first. This helps you get a better feel for what kind of bandwidth and network traffic you can expect to deal with. However, there’s also the potential to add new users and devices as they are needed, which makes growing less of a pain than it would be for a traditional telephone system. With VoIP, you don’t have to run cables or knock down walls to make room for new offices or desks. Since VoIP uses your Internet, you can use a wireless or wired connection, as long as your bandwidth can accommodate it. If not, check with your ISP or invest in a new wireless router.

VoIP is More Dynamic
Consider how the flexibility of VoIP affects your business’s ability to perform while out of the office. Since VoIP can be used on any device, be it a smartphone, laptop, or desktop, it’s exceptionally more useful than a traditional landline. Furthermore, VoIP allows you to use your work telephone number on your personal smartphone without setting up advanced call forwarding systems. This is (obviously) preferable to carrying around two smartphones. Furthermore, since it runs as an application on your device, you can turn it on and off as needed, allowing you to keep your work and home life separate as much as you want.

VoIP Offers More Features
Does your traditional phone line offer instant messaging capabilities? How about real-time video chat and conference-calling? This is one of the main reasons why VoIP is such an advantageous solution. There are plenty of additional VoIP features that can change the way that your organization communicates both on or off-site. VoIP also offers several, if not all of the services, that are offered by traditional telephony providers. Plus, you’ll never pay for features that you don’t want or need, unlike telephone providers who often bundle services together.

Does VoIP sound like a worthwhile investment for your business? If so, reach out to us at 586 258-0650. We’d be happy to help you get started with a new way to communicate.

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