The Embarrassment of When an IT Emergency Isn’t Really an Emergency

b2ap3_thumbnail_it_support_is_a_must_400.jpg"Quick, to the emergency room!" These are dreaded words that nobody wants to hear. An emergency like this implies a life or death scenario, and it gets everybody worked up into a frenzy. After arriving to the ER and getting a doctor's diagnosis, how quickly do people's attitudes change when the emergency turns out to be false?

First and foremost, a false emergency like this brings about feelings of relief. If the perceived emergency winds up not being life threatening, then everybody rejoices, thanks is given to whatever deity a person may or may not believe in, followed by hugs and kisses applied liberally. All of these warm and fuzzy feelings are great, but what happens when the facts come in and it turns out that the perceived emergency was over something minor and insignificant? In other words, everybody got worked up over nothing.

If the dire emergency was originally perceived to be something crazy, like a bullet wound, and it turned out to be something common, like a mosquito bite, then one would instantly begin to doubt the credibility of the person responsible for first screaming, "Quick, to the emergency room!" In fact, there may even be feelings of hostility toward that person for "crying wolf," especially when the emergency room bill hits the mailbox.

This false-emergency scenario is played out frequently with IT support. Granted, an organization's IT problems typically aren't life threatening, but you wouldn't know this by the way that some people react to their computer problems. Some people just don't have the patience or crisis-management skills to handle a seemingly-urgent computer problem with a cool head. We don't blame anyone for this, after all, annoying computer issues are extremely frustrating!

At SMART Services, we're able to keep our cool in the middle of an IT emergency; and thanks to insight and assistance from our remote IT monitoring and maintenance tools, cooler heads prevail in the midst of emergencies--even the false ones.

By taking advantage of our managed IT services, you'll be able to keep calm as soon as you're faced with IT emergency. You will have the assurance that SMART Services can quickly diagnose the problem from our end. Likewise, think about how much stress and unnecessary billing would be removed from the healthcare industry if hospitals had direct links to our bodies and could remotely scan us to determine the nature of our injury. This would totally bypass and eliminate the problem of rushing to the emergency room for nothing.

A solution like remote emergency room care would revolutionize the healthcare industry, just like remote IT support is revolutionizing the IT industry. With SMART Services's remote IT monitoring service, we're able to quickly diagnose the problem from our end. Often times, we catch the problem before a user even knows that there's an issue. Additionally, thanks to our remote IT maintenance tools, we can remotely fix many common and not-so-common computer issues without sending a technician into the field to pay your business a visit.

Think about how embarrassing it would be for both parties if we rushed to your office to aid you with an IT issue, only to discover that it was due to something simple like the button on the power strip being turned off. That would be a costly IT repair bill that we would hate to send, and you would hate to receive. Managed IT services from SMART Services assures that false emergencies like this never happen. We then take the savings from eliminating unnecessary IT expenses and pass them on to you with our low-cost IT service offering, allowing you to do more for less.

Before you freak out over a computer problem, call the IT emergency hotline at 586 258-0650. If it's an actual emergency, we'll turn on the flashing lights and be there as soon as humanly possible. If it's not a real emergency, we'll be able to tell you, which will calm everybody down.

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